Aodán Coyne

An Irish singer-songwriter who has created his own modern acoustic sound.

“A singer capable of joining the ranks of the great Irish vocalists”

Before beginning his solo career, Coyne made a name for himself as the guitarist and vocalist for the international touring Traditional Irish band Socks in the Frying Pan.

He first picked up a guitar at the age of 14 in his home town of Ennis, Co. Clare where he grew up listening to Jeff Buckley, John Martyn and Nick Drake. His Father’s collection of folk records helped instil a love for The Beatles, Steely Dan and Bob Dylan. He heard Eric Clapton’s “Unplugged ” album and this greatly inspired Coyne to focus more on acoustic music.

Having tackled dyslexia in his youth he honed a unique song writing style, in part to combat the stigma. He began crafting his own music throughout his teens which is rooted in folk and Trad. This was aided by a rich family tradition of playing Irish music.

His debut solo effort, “If We Only Knew”, was released in late 2014. An American release following in early 2015, accompanied by an extensive German tour.

 “What might very well be the best CD release of the year”
– Irish American News

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This album will become a sought-after classic. Highly recommended”
Irish Music Magazine
Eileen McCabe
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Aodán has been writing his most recent album “Gaps Between Stars” on the outskirts of Ennis overlooking the lake of Ballyalla. A move Aodán himself refers to as “Just to get off the grid and write new material”.  His current album sees him deal with broader issues than previous work including themes of inequality, depression and a sense of mortality.

He has a clear love for live performance where he now incorporates alternate guitar tunings, subtle effects and percussion. With his strong, warm vocals and a gift for crafting modern folk songs, his music is both rich and raw.

“We could not recommend this CD more highly to you”
Live Ireland
Bill Margeson

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The Story So Far...

At the late age of 14, Aodán began taking guitar lessons after his parents had purchased one for his birthday. He recalls, “After my first lesson I met my best friend who also played guitar and I asked him if he wanted to start a band. After that, it was band after band. I probably played in at least seven bands of varying genres, from rock to funk to folk, and they all helped in developing my own writing style.”

After finishing his BA in Applied Music in DkIT, Aodán returned to Ennis where he met Shane Hayes for a few casual Irish traditional sessions in their local bar called ‘Cruises’. They quickly realised that the music they were playing was really “clicking”, so they formed the band Socks in the Frying Pan with Shane’s brother Fiachra on fiddle. And from there, a career was born.

Aodán recalls the life changes since he first started playing professionally in 2008, particularly in the last few years of being a touring musician. The culture shock of experiencing 4-6 months of the year on the road with Socks in the Frying Pan. Traveling around the United States after coming from the small town of Ennis in Co. Clare where he was raised was eye opening. “I was just a kid out of college from a town on the West Coast of Ireland confronted by this fast-paced, ultra-business music scene in the U.S.” he recalls. “There was a lot of confusion, trying to keep up and really just figuring my music out as a solo artist. It was a struggle. I had come to the States to try and give this music thing a proper go with the band, and I had no idea what I was doing…”


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However, during their rise as a three piece around Ireland and the United States. Aodán decided to also make a go of his own solo music. “I knew I was at that make-or-break point” Aodán states, “and I knew it wasn’t going to happen without a lot of effort”. So he made it his mission to start writing prolifically and began the process of producing his own Trad album, “If We Only Knew“. “Rather than sitting back and letting things flow along, I thought it was about time I got right in the middle of the action. So I made the investment, put in the work and took on this solo music venture”.

“I started redeveloping the concept of what I was doing,” Aodán says. Within six months he had a new album written and ready to record. “In retrospect, it was a crazy time for me, the band was in full swing and I really had no idea what to expect from trying out my own music. But I think the fact I was going for a truly authentic sound and not being fake helped the process a lot”.



Aodán Coyne began the road to making his second album “GAPS BETWEEN STARS” in the spring of 2018 with a phone call to producers Chris O’Brien & Graham Murphy, producers of such artists as The Stunning, Aslan, Emma Langford and Westlife. This time Coyne wanted to return to what he felt was always his first calling, being a singer-songwriter. “Just making the kind of music that I love. That sort of roots/singer-songwriter/folk thing, but with contemporary vibes and some experimental sounds. At the time I didn’t even know who, if anyone, would be interested. But I knew I just needed to record and get my music out.”