Honey Wine

Honey Wine is a song which recalls the best times spent with best friends. Those amazingly good days spent playing music, having a laugh and sharing memories around the West coast of Clare. Some of those friends are now living their own lives abroad. Others have since tragically died far too young.

Those friends influenced my life choices, be it with pursuing music as a career or simply soaking up the juice of everyday life. The key takeaway is about cherishing happy memories and living life to its fullest.

I hope you enjoy Honey Wine.

Download the track on CD Baby here – https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/aodancoyne16

A massive thanks to everyone involved. To Jacob Schmiedicke at Ice Pictures Productions for producing the video and his brother John and the gorgeous Lee Worrell for being a part of it.

Thanks also to Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy at The Production Suite recording stuido. To Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering. To Emma Langford, Aongus Ralston, Fiachra Hayes, Shane Hayes and Socks in the Frying Pan for playing on the track.

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