Chance and Gamble

Chance & Gamble is about following your heart, taking on life’s challenges and continually pushing forward while dealing with self-doubt and naysayers. Choosing between the security of family and the turbulent life of following dreams.

It’s about taking on the people who carelessly echo your own thoughts – “When will you get a real job?”, “When are you going to give up the music and settle down?”.

Is about taking all that negativity and using it as fuel. “Say that line again”, say it, and I’ll show you what’s possible when you push yourself.

Many thanks to Jacob Schmiedicke at Ice Pictures Productions, LLC for the stunning quality of the visuals. To The Production SuiteWav Mastering Limerick Ireland and of course the brilliant musicians that joined me on this track.

Download Chance & Gamble here –  https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/aodancoyne15

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